Asunción, PY

C & S. America

Agent: Lina Jaramillo

Victoria Mussi

The relay of emotions triggered by the collaboration between the DJ and the audience is what inspires Victoria Mussi to dig deeper and explore the world of music from the creation, selection, and mixing of sounds.

Based on the symmetry of urban and industrial aesthetics, Victoria Mussi proposes a style spectrum where the classic components of house merge with the futuristic essence of techno.

Alongside renowned artists of the underground music scene in her hometown, Asunción, she currently develops concepts with a cutting-edge approach where different art forms combine to generate unique avenues for musical expression in platforms such as Dollhouse, Dollhouse Radio Show, and Sequence Club.

Her work has been featured on DJ Mag July 2014 and March 2016, as well as Boiler Room Asunción and Mixmag Lab NYC, among other venues around the globe.