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Agent: Maria Alejandra Bravo

Valentino Emme
Valentino (real name Valentino Marchiori) was born in Genoa, Italy. This up-and-coming Italian techno dj began his career at an early age, allowing him to develop artistic qualities in the sound field through a musical concept that explores dark dimensions and atmospheres laden with energy and forcefulness.
He started to show interest in music at the age of 13 years, at which point he began to learn the art of DJing. In 2007, Valentino made his debut at one of Genoa’s most famous nightclubs, the Vanilla Club: it was at this stage that Valentino really cut his teeth. By opening the nights for nationally known guests, he had the opportunity of personally experiencing the world of DJs and everything that surrounded it.
Beginning from 2012 Valentino Emme began immersing himself in event organization and started arranging nights for various clubs, planning events and calling guests. Having achieved resounding success at this job, during 2013 he was entrusted with the management of the Ghost Club, a nightclub not far from Genoa’s inner city, and he has renewed it: Valentino created Natural Music Events, a new management team to run the club, which was renamed MANTRA. The following season at the club was a success and surpassed all expectations thanks to the presence of important national DJs as Dustin Zahn, Truncate, Dax J, Marco Bailey, Rebekah, Marcel Fengler, Pfirter, Monoloc and others, and an exceptionally passionate crowd.
Since 2016 Valentino is commited in a international tour through some selected agencies wich have allowed him to play in important clubs around South America and Europe such as Baum Club and Salon Amador in Colombia or Studio 76 in Madrid, City Hall in Barcelona, Griesmuhle Club and Suicide Circus in Germany, Khidi Club in Georgia and many others travelling among beautiful cities and international locations. Also, over the years he had the opportunity to take part in important music events next to some of the biggest names of the world techno scene, such as Marco Bailey,
Len Faki, Luigi Madonna, Markantonio, Chris Liebing, Jeff Mills, Truncate, Marcel Fengler, Cleric, Marco Faraone, Keith Carnal and several others.
Valentino’s career has taken a new direction as a producer, as well as a dj and he has new collaborations and productions in store.