Tegucigalpa, Honduras

C & S. America

Agent: Alejandro Ortega

Ramon Pineda

Up-and-coming artist born and raised in Honduras, hailing from the
industrial city of San Pedro Sula, this DJ/producer has forged his own
path in the latin American scene, putting together some of the most
promising events in the area of central america. Founder and manager of Retune Music, one
of the first labels in the region that has also attracted big talents
from all over the world, signing artists like Alexi Delano, Butane,
Click Box, Ronan Portela, Jade, Doomwork and many more.

The Retune camp is currently one of the primary outlets of Central
American house and techno, defying limitations and constantly extending
its reach to different parts of the world. The experience gained from
this has allowed Ramón to evolve and develop a distinct style, blending
drawn-out, chunky basslines with subtle melodies and playful percussion
patterns – these sounds ultimately combine to take the listener on a
journey across different yet harmonious frequencies in every one of his

Since the beginning of this musical odyssey, he gained a reputation as a
precise selector who can read a crowd with ease. The mix of these traits
along with his energy and drive have resulted in him being one of the
most prominent figures in the region, a resident of the infamous SUNJAM
Festival, and the brains behind all Retune Music events where he focuses
on fresh, forward-thinking musical offerings, which include the
highly-revered PULHANATION festival. The main idea behind all this is
originality and innovation, intentionally deviating from the norm.

Without a doubt an enthusiast on a perpetual musical adventure.
Signee of Savia park and his own label retune.