Natalia Doljak

Asunción, PY

C & S. America

Agent: Maria Bravo

natalia doljak

Natalia Doljak is known to be an essential component in the underground electronic scene of her country, Paraguay. As DJ and co-founder of Dollhouse and Dollhouse Radio Show, among other concepts, she has been consolidating herself as an artist since 2004 in the city of Asunción.

Further, she has also played in London (United Kingdom), Miami (US), Quito and Montañita – Lost Beach Club (Ecuador), La Paz and Santa Cruz (Bolivia); and her work has been featured on different editions of Mixmag LA.


She grew up listening to her father play the keyboard and his disco vinyl collection in the living room, where she danced to these hipnotizing sounds that generated curiosity and the drive to listen to more. Back at the time, the radio played an important influential role within her development as a DJ. She collected cassettes where she recorded her favorite 80s and 90s tracks as to be able to listen to those captivating sounds over and over again.


Years later she decided to work at a musical instruments shop, as to be closer to different and exotic music, and enrich her repertoire with something other than the regular. This is how she came to discover the more eclectic side of music with underground and experimental 90s artists such as Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Gus Gus and Daft Punk.

With the different CD compilations she made, Natalia went to several radio stations in the city with the goal in mind that she could amplify more people’s musical experience through her deep fascination for these sounds. As no doors opened at the time, she decided to become a DJ, a job which would enable her to project her passion and achieve the mission of sharing music that should be listened to.


This is how she got to play at different bars in Asunción at the beginning of her career, establishing herself as the first female DJ in the country. Throughout a short period of time, her mixes gained visibility and elicited interest, taking dance music to another level and prompting the artist to launch her Indie music radio show “Electro Bytes” in 2009.

All of this process has influenced her sound up until today, where groove is a fundamental ingredient. With a lot of genre versatility throughout her sets, Natalia Doljak shakes the dancefloor taking whoever decides to join, through a unique journey in time, passing through the intensity of Detroit Techno, the timelessness of Chicago House, the intrinsic melodies of Tech House, and the mystic profoundness of Deep House. This is how she reads the dancefloor and changes moods continuously according to  every occasion. It is for this reason that Natalia’s sessions always bring out a peculiar component which allows us to keep the moment as a special and unique experience.

Natalia Doljak was born in Asuncion, Paraguay and from the beginning of her memories she links music with her life. Playing around with her parent’s music collection of eclectic sounds from a variety of artist such as Barry White, Donna Summer, and a collection of 70’s Bossa Nova music. She found herself immersed in a long path walking hand to hand with the sound.
Later, after gather a wide selection of different influences of music she decides to become a Dj. Starting to play in local parties she discovers the pleasure of making people enjoy and dance with her mixings.
Ambient, house, electro, deep house where the first choices of her career and today she is into the constant search of groovy techno regardless of getting stuck only in one style.
This is one the reason why she use to play New Wave, Brit Pop and 80 ́s classics. All this make her a versatile Dj, shifting between the old and new and creating a unique music personality.
Almost two years ago a new concept of electronic music venture emerge in Asuncion, Dollhouse was born. Three female Djs promote, play and host a series of parties in local venues and radio shows in Radio Venus.