Moreon & Baffa

Barcelona, Esp

C & S. America

Agent: Francisco Cataldo


In the current times very few artists have been able to make a revival and continue the epic sounds of the Dub/Techno that rise from the underground electronic scene in the 90’s. However these two underrated wizards are actually doing it in the most flawless way possible.

By the end of the 90’s Gustavo was a producer at the only 100% underground dance music radio show in his hometown, and also a devoted member of the early Techno & Rave scene that was breaking through in his home country on those days. Meanwhile, Emidio was a member at one of the most influential and recognized trip-hop bands in Latin America (Sur Carabela), also finishing his sound engineering studies and starting to work on his Techno DJ profile.

Gustavo Romano and Emidio Falconi are “Moreon & Baffa”, originally from Venezuela (South-America) but relocated in Barcelona (Spain), both have been working with the underground local techno scene since early 2000’s. Being close friends since then, working from the very beginnings of the techno scene in Venezuela as promoters, producers and Dj’s. By 2011 both left their home country and reunited in Barcelona, where they immediately started to create new music, joining forces to share their own vision of techno music. They are also known for exposing a unique ‘Avant-Garde’ music selection, and have been doing it so for almost two decades now.

By 2015 they have released original music in various world-class respected labels in the business (Visionquest, No.19, Subwax BCN, among others). Their Productions have resulted in several “sold out” records in the market, reaching top spots in the sales charts of the main specialized record stores and supported by many long-time respected names in the business. They have launched recently their own limited vinyl only record label called “Budare” which right after their first release immediately caught the attention of music hunters and followers of the genre, once again their output has positioned very well in the charts. Their new project “Budare”, along their streak of released and soon to be released projects, surely contribute to announce a promising years coming for the duo.

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