Bogota, COL

N, C & S. America

Agent: Maria Alejandra Bravo


Juan Ayerbe is Memek, a 31 year old DJ from Bogotá who preferred to focus on electronic music in 98, instead of following the footsteps of his grandfather and become a pilot.

Memek was heavily influenced by Swedish and Detroits techno: Adam Beyer Jeff Mills and even Ricardo Villalobos´s music at the time. With this name and these influences, Memek moved to New York in 2003, where he studied audio production and sound engineering at SAE. He later teamed up with a German and an Italian in a collective called Minimoo, which struggled to rebuild an almost nonexistent underground scene at that time in the city, due to the politics and club closures from the town hall of the time. Being one of the residents, the collective ended after a festival, and Memek decided to emigrate to Germany, where he began a marathon of gigs in places that everyone would envy: Watergate and Club der Visionaere in Berlin, offSónar and Moog in Barcelona, Macumba in Madrid, Sundae in Paris, Suma Beach in Istanbul and even a gig in Egypt, where he played alongiside the owner of the label Alpha House, Butane. He also got a residence at Mooch, a London reference when it comes to underground house and techno.

Slowly touring the world, Memek was becoming a Colombian benchmark, and at one point he felt it was time to go home with all the baggage and experience he had acquired through the last years. When he returned to Bogotá, he founded Billares Londres with a group of friends, a venue that until recently contributed greatly to the development of the local scene and culture of the electronic nightlife of the city. Besides being known as Memek in his role as DJ, he is also known as Mavidip, when he’s part of the project Mavidip & Steinlausky, a duo that has earned a name in the country, and who recently had a release on the New York/Berlin label, Touch of Class Records.

Although he has many techno tastes, Memek has learned over his career that mixing is a matter of timing, a musical journey that must be conscious of the environment, and of the people you have in front. This is why his sets are loaded with plenty to choose from, as seen in festivales like Estéreo Picnic, Boiler Room Colombia and from now on, at his new residence in Baum. The vibe will be extense: there will be house, micro house and techno, but Memek always admits that when he plays techno, he goes by the sides, towards friendly dance areas.