Bogota, Col

C & S. America

Agent: Francisco Cataldo


Sebastian Letters, born in Colombia, raised in the USA is a Business management student that happened to get involved with music since he was very little. Years playing the drums, djing and producing, to further develop his sound, connecting music with spirituality. Influenced by rock, house and rap, Letters has developed his sound within the range of minimal and groovy deep tech, influencing the spirit. As a former BAUM resident he plays at the top clubs/events in Bogota but is currently focusing on production.

He has shared decks with DJ’s like Sam Paganini, Victor Calderone, Julian jeweil, &ME, Technasia, Mathias Tanzmann, Jessica Diaz, + more. Never the less is more interested in minimal sounds like Priku, Cristi Cons, East end Dubs etc.