D.F, Mexico

C & S. America

Agent: Alejandro Ortega

Flavio Navarro

Hailing from Mexico City, he developed a taste for electronic music early on going to underground events In 2007, Flavio Navarro founds PROJECT SOUND and moves to Playa del Carmen, the epicenter of the electronic music scene in the country, which hosts the ever-growing BPM festival. There, he promotes events with big international names and plays in the best clubs such as La Mezcalinna, RED, The Room, OM, Deseo, Terraza Los Danzantes, La Santanera, Papaya Playa Project and the BPM Festival.

Once established in Playa del Carmen, he joins forces with Heiko, owner of the world famous FLYING CIRCUS brand and together they start a great adventure, making a big New Year’s Eve party since 2010. Flavio Navarro then takes FLYING CIRCUS to Mexico City, helping the brand grow at a national level and Heiko at an international one, boosting his own career at the same time.

In 2010 Flavio Navarro really takes off, playing in events such as CIRCOLOCO, FLYING CIRCUS, BPM FESTIVAL and in the best clubs both in and out of Mexico (Bar Americas, Rioma, AM, Bailele, Tara, DC, Planta Baja, Nabta Playa, Older. In Chicago: WAVEFRONT FESTIVAL, Smart Bar. Miami: Seik n Beik, Flying Circus. Argentina: Flower Power Festival. Houston: R Bar. San Francisco: Block Festival, Monroe Club and in Costa Rica in Club Vertigo & 8vo Rooftop).

In 2013 he locks himself up in the studio with Alessandro Mogarelli and releases and EP in the British label ALOLA RECS, besides launching his own label, DESERTOR GANG whose first EP was made by Balcazar. Flavio Navarro continues to evolve not only his sound as a dj but in his drive to bring the most upfront and creative talent to venues around Mexico.