David Berckley

Panama City, Panama

C & S. America

Agent: Lina Jaramillo

david berckley
David Simons better known as David Berckley, was born in the Caribbean, in the city of Colon, Panamá. When he was little his father led him into music and has has been a promotor for more than a decade. Now at days he is the founder and owner of LA Buat Panama; he also belongs to the records of Kindisch, Half Seas Over, Get Physical Music & Arta Immersive Music.
David is one of the few people that still believes in the real root and soul of the club. He has resisted the incessant change, he keeps the essence of the house music and the time that goes with it. After 3 weeks on the top 100 en traxsoursce in the Jackin House section, David has accomplished to give a detailed sample of who he is as an artist, in production with class and elegance.