C & S. America

Agent: Jean Bressan

Dani Casarano’s musical vision is impossible to be classified, his uniquely individual sound with a touch of pure emotive soul and sullen mystery, characterize his cutting-edge approach to techno.

Born in Switzerland and based out of Santiago, Chile for over a decade, is currently juggling between his home in Lausanne and his Studio in Berlin. During the years spent in Chile, he met his brother from another “motherland”, Felipe Valenzuela, and in 2009 they established Melisma Records. Thanks to his avant-garde label, Dani commitment to set the musical trends rather than follow them was ¬finally meet: creativity and
visionary large-scale efforts helped Melisma to become the institution it is today, counting on artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Thomas Melchior, Fumiya Tanaka, Satoshi Tomiie among many others.

Throughout his life as producer, Dani, spent endless hours blending his sophisticate techno with lush funky sounds, creating a formidable number of tracks
which have been released on prestigious labels such Cadenza, Drumma, Melisma and Melcure.