Bogota, Colombia

C & S. America

Agent: Alejandro Ortega

Adi was born in Bogotà, Colombia. Her involvement in music and the arts started at an early age being educated in classical ballet and music, where she found herself totally immersed and deeply in love with the feelings that dance and music evoked in her. Adi would later find that electronic music was the element that would bring all of this together and re-ignite those feelings. She took to the turntables and considered production as the tools that would let her create moments through sounds and atmospheres that could expand sensory and spiritual perception . Started to learn in 2013, later this year she travels to New York seeking to go deeper, explore and learn more about it. Is with passion and curiosity that She finds her self submerged in a vast landscape of sounds and possibilities along with what goes into selecting, collecting and mixing. Having spent some time with the Green Room Family collective and attending some educational duties, she comes back to Colombia and starts to play at independent parties and some of the clubs in Bogotá city and around the country like Billares Londres, Baum, Octava, Calle 9 + 1 (Medellín), Aurora (Cali) Heard From (Medellín), Vlak, Low To High, Clase de Siete, SneakPeak to name a few. Always hungry for music and personal growth, she keeps her self alert and proactive to create and communicate through this language that is electronic music (music it self) . Played with : Barac, S.A.M. , Priku, Anhina, Stacy Pullen, amongst others. Also @ Baum Festival (2016) and Festival Hermoso Ruido (2016)